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Fairfax County: A Community with the Power of Ideas

The FCEDA has maintained a West Coast U.S. office since 2006 and currently has representatives in both Los Angeles and northern California. The FCEDA serves as a go-to resource for companies interested in expanding to the Washington, D.C. region.

Fairfax County offers a highly skilled workforce, outstanding access to the nation’s capital, defense and aerospace leaders, and to the D.C. area’s technology corridor, where cybersecurity, global communications firms and health tech providers find unparalleled opportunities.

  • Fairfax County's business community features 10 Fortune 500 headquarters, leading government contractors, a mix of more than 8,900 technology businesses and global headquarters for outstanding companies such as Hilton, Mars and Freddie Mac.
  • Along with its strength in government and defense technology, Fairfax County’s diverse ecosystem is evident in cybersecurity, communications, financial and healthcare companies based in the region.
  • Along with its eastern time zone, Fairfax County offers direct links to global markets through Washington Dulles International Airport, which serves more than 50 international destinations, and a central location that’s within easy commuting distance to all major U.S. cities.
  • Hilton, Northrop Grumman and, most recently, Bechtel are examples of major companies which have moved their world headquarters from California to Fairfax County.


Mark White, Director 

 Fairfax County Economic Development Authority
220 Newport Center Drive, Suite 11-161
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Telephone: 949-945-5618
Mobile (Mark White): 949-395-0642
Fax: 949-706-1876

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